Terms and Conditions

As a condition of acceptance of any customer’s goods or property by Big Red Shipping and Storage (BRSS), the customer consents to our Terms and Conditions as outlined below:


It is agreed that the customer’s property shall be insured for the lesser of $5,000 in the aggregate for all of the customer’s property in possession of BRSS or the value(s) stated in this section.

It is agreed that all property or goods in the possession of Big Red Shipping and storage are insured at the (maximum) value of $100 per standalone or boxed item (exceptions apply) in the event of damage to them due to the company’s negligence.

This policy applies to all items held for any service provided by BRSS regardless of whether or not the insured value is less than the actual value of the items(s) contained within the stored box or container. The customer may purchase additional insurance at a rate of $10 per additional $100 of protection per item (exceptions apply) up to $500 of total additional insurance value. All insurance must be purchased at or before the pickup time.

Exceptions to insurance coverage are listed below:
Inadequately packaged items, electronics not contained within original manufacturer’s box/packaging (TVs, monitors, etc.), damages sustained without evidence of harm to outer packaging materials (e.g. box), storage containers, highly fragile items (glass, fine china, etc.), cash, jewelry, collectibles, items of non-monetary value (sentimental value, etc.).

The customer assumes responsibility for property losses or damages that exceed the total insurance value of $100 (or up to the total amount covered under additional insurance that was purchased) and will not claim that BRSS, its employees and/or affiliates are liable for additional property damage due to causes including but not limited to: negligence, burglary, natural disasters, or environmental threats (such as fire, flood, pests).

Customer's Responsibilities

The customer shall, in the event of damage or loss of property while it is in the possession of BRSS, notify BRSS within 30 days of storage delivery. BRSS, at its option, may inspect the damaged item(s) or request that the customer prepare an inventory of damaged items and document the extent of the damage. BRSS reserves the right to submit such evidence as is available to its insurance carrier for adjustment of the loss/damage.

The types of loss and/or damage to customer’s goods or property are specifically limited to those perils or causes of loss, including all applicable terms and conditions, for which BRSS is afforded protection by its own insurer.

All mattresses must be contained within a mattress bag prior to storage. The customer shall provide their own mattress bag or purchase a mattress bag from BRSS.

As a condition for making claim for damage thereto, electronic property of any kind (including, but not limited to sound recording/reproducing devices, printers, scanners, etc.) will be contained in the original manufacturer’s packaging that is also of sufficient strength acceptable to BRSS. BRSS may deny storage or shipping of items that are inadequately packaged or deemed too fragile.

BRSS shall not be responsible for the mechanical condition of audio/visual, electronic, and battery-operated items (including, but not limited to, sound recording/reproducing devices, computers, printers, scanners, televisions, etc.).

It is strongly advised that all software and data on electronic storage media be fully backed up and/or copied before it is handed over to BRSS. No loss or damage to data contained on any electronic storage media will be the responsibility of BRSS.

BRSS shall not be responsible for previously damaged or repaired items.

Full payment for all charges shall be made to BRSS at time of pickup or delivery to BRSS, and the customer shall pay a fee of $20 for any check returned for non-sufficient funds.


Deliveries - For all shipping or storage appointments beyond Cornell’s campus or Collegetown, a fuel surcharge and additional fees may be applied to the order. BRSS does not usually accept appointments beyond a 2-mile radius of Cornell’s Campus.

There is a $20 minimum for supplies delivery appointments. If your supplies delivery order does not reach this minimum, additional fees may apply.

Prohibited Items - The customer agrees that certain prohibited items should not be handed off to BRSS for storage or shipping. If a prohibited or illegal item is discovered, the customer will assume full responsibility and face any associated penalties. Prohibited storage items include, but are not limited to: all illegal, dangerous, explosive, harmful materials or chemicals, drugs, alcohol, acid, compressed gas, paint, firearms, fertilizer, stolen goods, money, food/perishables, living things (plants, animals), and odor or fume-emitting substances.

The customer agrees to abide by all up-to-date FedEx shipping policies, including those prohibiting the attempted shipment of certain items. These items include but are not limited to: refrigerators, alcohol, aerosols, compressed gasses, explosives, and other dangerous or hazardous materials. Items may not be shipped in boxes marked with liquor branding.


Each parcel is guaranteed storage for the amount of time agreed to on the contract.  If the customer fails to book a delivery appointment or appear at their scheduled delivery appointment by the conclusion of the storage term agreed to, BRSS shall hold such property for a period of three months, after which the company may dispose of the property as it sees fit.

If the customer chooses to purchase additional storage term(s) to extend the delivery beyond the due date agreed to in their initial contract, this can be done through the customer’s account on our website. If the customer requests delivery of their items at a date past the expiration of their current storage term, they will be responsible for additional storage charges incurred while their items remain in the possession of Big Red Shipping and Storage.

Pricing and Fees

The pricing of services provided by BRSS are listed on our website and will be determined accordingly. Additional fees (detailed below) may apply, which are included for the purpose of compensating for any expenses incurred by BRSS due to acting outside of or beyond standard procedures.

Peak Fee- $20 for all appointments scheduled between 5/13-5/28

Why a peak fee? Due to a high demand in appointments, higher than usual operating, and increasing our employees hourly wages, our team has implented this fee for limited dates

Late Reschedule - Rescheduling a pickup, packing, or delivery appointment within 48 hours will result in a $25 fee.

Late Cancellation - Cancelling an appointment within 48 hours will result in a $45 fee.

Missed Appointments - If the customer fails to appear when a BRSS rep arrives during the scheduled appointment, they may be allowed a 15-minute grace period before it will be deemed a missed appointment and the customer will incur a $45 missed appointment fee.

Peak Fee - Scheduling a pickup or delivery during our busiest days of the year (select dates during May move-out or August move-in) will result in an additional fee of $20. These dates may vary year after year and will be listed on our website and/or made visible to the customer prior to booking the pickup appointment.

Overweight/Oversize Item- Boxes exceeding 50lbs will be marked overweight and a $35/term fee will be applied. Boxes greater than 6 cubic feet in volume or over 70lbs in weight are considered heavy overweight/oversize and a $50/term fee will be applied.

Shrink-wrap Fee- If you are storing an item that is particularly fragile, large, or must be shrink-wrapped for added protection, a $10 fee automatically applies.

Large Item Handling- For all items that require more than 2 persons to handle, a $15 fee applies.