How can I get supplies?
During our May peak season, you can pick up supplies and FREE large boxes at distribution centers throughout Cornell's campus. See our homepage for on-campus distribution dates and locations. Outside of May, you can purchase supplies online and have them delivered at your chosen date and time.


Does the size of my item in addition to the weight affect the price for storage?
STORAGE - The price of storage is not determined based on weight. For overweight/oversize items, fees may apply. SHIPPING - We follow industry standards, which compare the dimensional weight of the package to the actual weight. If the weight of your package exceeds its dimensional weight, you will be charged for the actual weight.
When is payment due?
Payment is collected at the time of the pick-up appointment for storage and shipping. For supply orders, payment is collected when the order is placed.


Do you offer extended storage?
Big Red Shipping & Storage can meet your long-term storage needs. Whether you are going away for a semester or for a whole year, we can arrange storage. If you need to extend the storage term for an existing order, please contact us at brss@studentagencies.com.
What does "Term ends" mean?
This indicates when your storage term expires. Please be sure to schedule a delivery appointment or extend your storage term before this date. It is important to note that if you do not make a delivery appointment at the end of your storage term, we will hold it for three months before throwing you’re your items. If you schedule a delivery three months after your paid term ended, we will back charge you for the additional term.


How are Big Red and FedEx related?
Big Red Shipping & Storage is an authorized FedEx ship center. Our rates are based on Cornell's heavily discounted pricing, making our rates, both domestic and international, very affordable.
How are shipping prices calculated?
FedEx shipping prices are calculated based on the item dimensions (dimensional weight), the weight, and the destination zip code.
How does the shipping process work?
When placing a shipping order, you will be prompted to schedule a pickup appointment. A BRSS representative will meet you at the time of your scheduled appointment to pick up your packages directly from your room and ship them out via FedEx. You will be provided with tracking information once your packages have been sent.
What can I ship?
We can ship any closed container that doesn't qualify as freight shipments, as long as its contents are not prohibited by the FedEx shipping carrier. We reserve the right to refuse shipping services for items that are hazardous or fragile and do not come in original packaging, such as TV's or other electronics. We cannot ship refrigerators, aerosols, liquor, or anything packed in a marked liquor box due to regulations imposed by the carrier. For more information on prohibited items, please visit www.fedex.com.

Pickups and Dropoffs

Do I need to put labels on my boxes?
It is not necessary that you put labels on your boxes. Our movers will place a label on each of your items during the time of your pickup. You may provide additional labelling at your own discretion.
How can I schedule a storage drop-off and why can't I make it when I schedule the pick-up?
We realize that most customers do not know the location, date, or time at the end of the months-long storage period where they want their items to be dropped off. In order to make the process streamlined, it is only necessary to know the pick-up location and time to schedule a storage appointment. Once your items have been picked up and processed, you can log into your account and access your “Order/Appt Management” page. On this page, under “Orders” click the order you would like to modify. You will then have the option to “Deliver Stored Items” and set a location, date, and time.
How far in advance do I need to set up an appointment?
We ask that you schedule appointments at least 48 hours in advance. If you must place a rush order within that timeframe, please call the office at 607-272-2000 ext. 222 and we will do our best to accommodate you. A rush fee may be applied.
I want to store most of my items and ship the others home. What type of appointment should I make?
In order to make appointments most efficient, we incorporate the shipping or storage information into the appointment, so when it comes to payment, our mobile app quickly and efficiently calculates the price. Since this is the case, if you would like to ship some items and store the rest, you must schedule two appointments on the website: one shipping and one storage. You can schedule them for the same date and time and they will be completed together.
What happens if I miss my appointment?
Don't worry! A small fee is applied for missed appointments and our managers will do their best to reschedule you for a time slot at your earliest convenience.


What type of insurance policy does Big Red Shipping & Storage offer?
STORAGE - In case of damage and/or loss of items due to negligence, BRSS provides $100 of insurance for every stored item. If the value of your items exceeds $100 you may purchase additional insurance up to $500 in $100 increments each costing you $10. It is important to note that certain items cannot be insured by BRSS. The extended list of these items is available on our terms and conditions page. SHIPPING - The same insurance applies to each shipping package while it is in the hands of BRSS. BRSS will not be held responsible for any loss/damage of a package while it is in the hands of the shipping carrier.
Wow, I don't want to read that long explanation! Are my items insured or not?
We automatically insure every BRSS box we ship or store for $100 dollars. If you happen to be storing something incredibly valuable (like a Picasso) you have the option to add extra insurance at the rate of $100 of additional insurance for $10 each. So if you would like a box insured at $300, it would cost an additional $20. It is exceedingly rare that a box's contents are damaged, but if you are storing your favorite signed baseball card collection, it could help with your peace of mind.