Flat Rate Box Storage Pricing!

Flat Rate Box Pricing

Category Volume Price (Includes cost of boxes*, pickup, up to 4-months storage, and delivery)
Small 0-2 cubic feet $39
Large 2-4 cubic feet $49
Giant 4-6 cubic feet Calculated by Dimensions

We will happily accept suitcases! Pricing will be based off of dimensions. Other boxes/bins will be priced according to which size category they fall into.

Big Red's boxes are 18"x18"x18" and fall into the "Large" category at pickup.

Furniture - Flat Rate Pricing

Item Price per 4-month term
(includes both pickup and delivery)
Bed Frames $36.00
Carpet/Rug $46.00
Chair (Small) $48.00
Chair (Large) $65.00
Computer $100.00
Couch $140.00
Couch (Large) $200.00
Desk $120.00
Desk (Large) $140.00
Dresser $92.00
Small Fan $35.00
Large Fan $55.00
Futons $92.00
Headboard $160.00
Instrument $100.00
Mattress/Box Spring $100.00
Microwave $46.00
Microwave Fridge Combo $68.00
Poster (Tube) $28.00
Refrigerator (Rectangle) $65.00
Shelves $45.00
Skis/Snowboard $75.00
Table $80.00
Television $100.00

For a list of additional fees and overweight charges, click here


Through our partnership with FedEx, we offer competitive domestic and international* shipping prices.

Shipping cost will be calculated at the time of pickup; all of our pricing is based on current FedEx rates.

*Additional fees (evaluated on a case by case basis) apply for preparation of customs paperwork.